I thought...

“8 Hz ~ 6 Hz you are speaking to me…mermaid with dolphins

The Rainbow-era starts now

An ocean full of theurgy

You will awake in this new world

Waves of Dolphin-Love are touching me…

My heart, my soul, my life…

Our heartbeat in the same rhythm

Dolphins and Mermaids in Love alive…”

be love be joy be free“In the gentle seas

the dolphin lives in perfect harmony

while man live a life of greed and jealousy.

If only we could see

the way a dolphin lives to be.

Humans could learn from the dolphins

and live in perfect Harmony.

Each moment we feel deeper and more intense the energies of a great shift. Be gentle for yourself.

Breathe and invite Dolphins into your heart.

Dolphins – our guides and divine protectors.

They always balance our mind and soul.

Be Love * Be Joy * Be Free.”


“Your eyes are an ocean in which my dreams are reflected.

Your lips are a book my soul has written…”

“Bimini, my love…

Bimini, my inspiration

Bimini, my way of life

Bimini, my love forever

Bimini, my heart through the eyes”.

The dolphin spirit around the island                      

The dolphin spirit looked to me

The dolphin spirit came out of the ocean

The dolphin spirit came to me…”

Bimini, the BEAUTY of life…

I want to show you this island

I want you can feel this theurgy

I want to swim with you and the dolphins

I want to bring you the spirit of Bimini”.





All together is Bimini

Connected with DOLPHINS ENERGY”.

The Dream of the Dolphin…

In every color there’s the light. In every stone sleeps a crystal. Remember the shaman when he used to say:

“Man is the dream of the dolphin” ♥


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